Wednesday, August 15, 2012

College Essentials

Hey guys! So, in three days I will be moving into my new dorm at the university I'll be attending. Being a college freshman, I may not be the best expert to write on what type of clothes are "essential" for campus, but I know I have been way too excited to figure out my style for school. 
At my university, the go-to look (from what I could tell on all my visits there) is a XL t-shirt, track shorts, and some sneakers; and really, if that's what's comfortable for you, that's perfectly fine! I understand the attraction- that's possibly the most comfortable outfit ever. But for me, it just isn't appealing. I don't think anyone should have to conform to a certain style to fit in. I don't own many large t-shirts and track shorts anyway. 
The best thing about college is that you can dress how you want and really, you should! You never know what you'll have to wear when you have a real career. You may have to wear scrubs or a business suit all day. So college, I think, is the best type to express and develop your style. 
So if you're wondering if there are certain essentials you can develop your style around, keep reading! I've been trying to figure out all summer just what I need and these are essentials I ended up packing. 

(Keep in mind: I live only about 2 hours away from my college, so for right now I've only packed summer/early fall clothes. When I go home for fall break, I'll change out my clothes and will probably do another blog entry for fall/winter necessities.)

#1: Flats
Or any other comfortable shoes. Honestly, I like heels a lot, but for your own comfort, you should have something practical on your feet. A lot of college campuses are huge. Don't wear anything that hurts your feet. Personally, I packed Keds, ballet flats, sandals, and a pair of Converses. I also packed shoe liners that had some cushion in them because even flats can be uncomfortable.
(Also,I think it is necessary to have a pair of sneakers/running shoes. They can be comfortable and even if you don't wear them much, they're necessary in case you want to go to the gym or just play a friendly sports game on the quad.)

#2: Shorts-Denim, patterned, colored, anything!
Here's the thing- I go to school in the south. So it's extremely hot. I mean like 95-100 degrees. Cold weather isn't coming until late October/early November. So anything cool is essential for me. I only own one pair of denim shorts, but I have lots of different types that I packed.

#3: Jeans
I'm not the biggest fan of jeans in hot weather, but I'll definitely wear them in the winter. I packed three pairs of them to last until I come home for fall break. I think jeans are always essential, no matter where you are because they are extremely versatile.

#4: 1 pair of khakis & 1 pair of dress pants
Honestly, you never know when you may need to dress up. It's always good to have a conservative, dressy outfit planned in case you have a job/work-study interview or have to dress up for a presentation.

#5 Skirts & Dresses
Just my personal preference. I like looking put together and dresses and skirts are easy outfits and can keep you cool on a hot day around campus. 

#6 Hoodie or Sweatshirt and Cardigans
Honestly, I packed one hoodie, one jacket, and one sweatshirt. You never know when your classroom may be cold. Even in high school, I never left my house without a hoodie, cardigan, or sweatshirt. 

#7 Comfy wear/Gym clothes
Even if you don't work out much, you never know. You may randomly get invited to play basketball at the rec center. It's always good to have gym clothes and one swimsuit in my opinion. Comfy wear (yoga pants, sweats, loose tank tops) are good to have for days when you're just studying or really just don't feel like trying. There's no shame in having those days :)

#8 Heels
Okay I know I said before that flats are a huge essential, but I personally think it's always good to have at least one pair of heels or wedges. Wedges would probably more comfortable. You never know when you'll get the urge to be impractical and put fashion before comfort. If you do, feel no shame. Put on some heels if that's what you love. Just don't blame me if you get blisters. (just kidding! :))

So that's all! I hope this helped anyone going to college who is maybe feeling insecure about how to dress (Honestly, I know I'm still not 100% confident). Remember, dress how YOU want and don't worry about impressing anyone else. Those who matter won't mind, and those who mind don't matter. xx

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