Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Second Day of Christmas...

Remember that time (meaning yesterday) when I said I didn't want my entire break to be Netflix and not leaving my bed? Well....oops. No lie, all I did today was spend hours watching the show Sherlock for the first time. I wasn't feeling well anyway, so why not? 
So tonight I decided to be somewhat "productive" by giving myself a pedicure. 

Not only that, but I gave my 3-year-old niece also. She's in that stage where she wants to do whatever I do, so after coming in on me soaking my feet, she had to do it too. Already such a diva. 

The nail polish I used was "incREDibly Festive" in the Cheers to the Holiday gift collection from O.P.I., given to me as a gift from my sweet roommate. I also went over it with the glittery "Gift Tag...You're It!" 

The collection is no longer available on Ulta's website, but I'm sure you can find the separate colors or at least similar colors. I love the color red for the holidays and glitter is always a good idea. So in all, a relaxing and lazy day. Not so bad xx

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