Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall Fashion Haul

Hey guys! I came home to visit during fall break and in that time I did a little shopping. I thought I would make a blog about several things that I have bought so far this fall, including what I bought before fall break (I promise I did not buy this all at once). Also, I made a video also which I will link below. Hope you like everything!

**---> Click for a video of this haul <---

#1: Boots by Yoki
Boots are definitely my number one fall staple, so I was really excited about these. I needed some gray boots and these were only $20 at Shoe Department. 

#2: Shirt from Forever 21
I love this shirt. I needed some pink clothes to wear for the Pink Challenge that I'm doing. This shirt is really simple and will be good for the warmer side of fall. Also, because of its simplicity, it will go well with long necklaces or a scarf.

#3: Black Shorts from Forever 21
These shorts were an impulse buy, but unlike most impulse buys, I haven't stopped loving them. I can't wait to wear these during the fall and winter with tights, boots, and a oversized sweater. I love that look and I'm very excited to try it. 

#4: Jeans from Forever 21
You can never have enough jeans. I realized recently that I only have about three pairs of jeans. I never had to worry about that before because at my university, it's very hot until October. So I made it my goal when I came to visit home to buy more jeans. I love Forever 21 jeans because they're very, very cheap and the fabric is stretchy. They aren't the best quality, but I still like them a lot.

#5: Jackets from Forever 21
I actually bought these back in early August, but I had them tucked away in my closet until now. I love these jackets! I think it's a really good idea to take advantage of sales on coats that stores have during the summer. I managed to find these during a "Buy 1, Get one free" sale at Forever 21. So I got both of these jackets for about $22 including tax.

#6: Jeans from H&M
Like I said before, I need jeans! I'm really excited because the purple jeans are the first colored jeans that I have ever owned. They're very comfy and I can't wait to make outfits out of them. I love the other pair of jeans because they're distressed and they have zippers at the bottom of the legs. Also, they were only $10, which is a plus.

#7: Cropped Sweater from H&M
This was another impulse buy. I really like it because the fabric feels very warm and comfy. It's a cropped sweater, so I'm not sure how I'll wear it yet. I've never owned a cropped sweater before. But I do really like it. Also, I bought it in a size larger than I usually wear just because I like sweaters big.

Hope you all are having a fantastic fall so far! xx

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