Friday, August 10, 2012

Fall Fashion Trends

Hey guys! So I know that school is coming super, super soon (or may have even started for some of you already), and that means back to school shopping. Fall is my favorite time of the year when it comes to fashion, so I thought I would put together a list of fall trends that I think we can expect to see in the hallways or around campus.
    I do believe it’s important to have your own sense of style, but it’s always fun to take popular trends and put a personal twist on them. So if you’re not into trends, you can skip this. But keep reading if you’d like to see what I think. Don’t judge me too harshly please haha. 
*I based this list off of styles that I’ve seen in stores and magazines lately.
**I’m sorry that I don’t have much information on men’s style. I’m not knowledgable enough about male trends to do a list of them justice. But I did include a few outfits for guys in the “back to school” tab :)
  1. Boyfriend Jeans: This is the trend I’m most excited about. I basically spent all four years of high school in tight skinny jeans, so the slight bagginess of these jeans are a relief. I still love skinny jeans, but these are a nice change. Cropped, rolled-up pairs seem the most popular. 
  2. Color-Blocking: I’ve never been able to pull this trend off, but it’s a trend that has maintained its popularity. It’s been all over the store I shop in and the magazines I read. I like how people handle it, but it’s just not for me. 
  3. Collars: Another trend that has lasted since spring. Collars are just getting more and more popular. From sleeveless shirts, to long sleeved male shirts with rolled-up sleeves, to necklaces, this cute trend is going to stay for a while. 
  4. Sweaters: If you live in the south like me, it probably won’t be cool enough to wear sweaters for quite a while. But they’re warm and cute, and they’re something I look forward to wearing every winter. I think sweaters look great on guys and girls. Cable knit appears to be the most popular type. 
  5. Patterns: Stripes, plaid, and dots are just three of the many patterns that I’ve seen in many stores. Patterns have always been popular, no matter the season. For the summertime, polka dots were my favorite, but I think I’m gravitating towards stripes for the fall.
  6. Chambray shirts: Another trend that has been popular for the past few months, chambrays are one of my favorite trends for guys and girls. They’re very versatile and look cute baggy or fitted.
  7. Loud Shoes: What I mean is shoes that make a person skip looking at the rest of your outfit because their eyes are drawn straight to the shoes. Heels or flats, there have been many patterns and details that have caused shoes to make quite a statement. Leopard/cheetah print and studded shoes have been what I’ve seen more than anything. 
  8. Baroque: I honestly wasn’t going to add this until I saw that more than one of my magazines called it a fall trend. I really don’t know much about this baroque pattern. Teen Vogue said it was based on “the over-the-top royals of centuries past”. It’s a really bold pattern, so if you like to make a statement with your clothing, it may be the pattern for you.
  9. Statement Jeans: Again, not a trend I can get into, but I think people can pull off this trend very well. Jeans have always been a lot more than just regular blue pants, but this fall patterns like stripes and florals are taking over. Colored jeans are also popular, though for fall time, more subdued colors such as maroon, mustard yellow, and oxblood/chianti colors are more for fall time than bright colors (in my opinion), but I’ve seen bright jeans a lot too. 
  10. Watches: I don’t know if these are really a “trend”, but I’ve seen a lot of watches everywhere for both guys and girls. I finally invested in one and I do admit, I like looking it more than pulling out my phone to see what the time is. 

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