Thursday, April 17, 2014

90s Babies

We have all prided ourselves on being “90s babies” at some point in our lives. Whether we wore the obnoxious “Born in the 90s” t-shirts or shared endless articles about the things from the 90s that we all remember (or don’t remember, but will pretend to for the sake of our vanity), there is a sense of pride that people born in the 1990s have.

In the past year, that decade nostalgia has become very visible in fashion. Once upon a time, 90s fashion was just a theme for date parties. Now the style has made its way into our every day lives.

Topanga Lawrence’s skirts and denim vests and Kelly Kapowski’s crop tops and florals are just some of many 90s trends that have come back into the fashion cycle.
 These trends have come back into power in such subtle ways that many people may not have even noticed. It definitely took me a while.

One of the nostalgic trends that have come back is overalls and overall dresses. I won’t lie. I was not very when I first saw the return of these farmer outfits in stores. But over time, I have seen overalls styled in ways and made in different fabrics besides denim. They have definitely grown on me. One of my favorite spring outfits this year is my American Eagle overall-type dress with a crop top underneath it. 

Speaking of crop tops, that is the returning trend that seems to have started this 90s comeback. Whether they were worn with high-waist baggy jeans or body con skirts, crop tops are a trend that were popular on 90s teen sitcoms and pop stars like Britney Spears in her “…Baby, One More Time” days.  Now, these bare-midriff showing shirts are a symbol of summer for many girls. Well, summer and Tumblr. Regardless, crop tops are everywhere from a high-fashion runway to every day Instagram. They can be styled in many different ways concerning on how much skin you really want showing.

Another look that has come back is the grunge look. Flannel shirts are bigger than ever and definitely one of my favorite trends. I love seeing one tied around someone’s waist paired with denim shorts and a tank top. Another idea is to wear a plaid skirt with a denim vest for a more chic look. Grunge has been popular for a few years on the runway and is slowly making its way into everyone’s closets again. Although it is not one that I have tried yet, it is comfortable, fashionable and lasting.

So if you are one who gets still listens to old school Nsync and gets nostalgic while remembering the Rugrats, be a true 90s child and bring its fashion into full form.
Think about it: how easy is it to find more and more fashion inspiration from reruns of Saved by the Bell? Indulge in your 90s pride by bringing it more into your closet. Hey, maybe even bring back the “Rachel” haircut. Why not?

Dress - American Eagle / Crop Top - Brandy Melville

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