Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What to Wear: Retail Store Interview

A dress from your potential employer's brand is a fashionable
and put-together idea for an interview.
At this point in our lives, we all know the basics of job interviews: bring a resume, look your interviewer in the eye and be confident. Another general rule we all know about interviews is to dress up.

Whether you are applying for job at a fast food restaurant or interviewing for your dream corporate job, the usual rule of thumb is look professional to show you are serious about your potential job. Dress pants and a blazer or jacket are the go-to items for most interviews.

But there is one industry in which a standard black business suit may not be the best way to go in an interview: the fashion industry.

Working in retail is about modeling the store’s style. Some stores, such as Hollister or Abercrombie, even call their employers “floor models”. Yes, the title may be a little disturbing and makes it sound like an employee is just a live mannequin, but it makes sense. They want their employees to be able to be live representations of the clothes they sell and show how well the clothes can be worn.

So when interviewing for a job in retail, you can receive extra points if your outfit represents the company’s style and brand. It shows you already have an understanding of the company and will be a great asset. So I have compiled a few tips on how to make your first impression at a retail store interview a stylish and successful one.

Bringing in several brands to complement your
focal point shows your styling skills.
First, let me make this clear: I am not saying to dress casual. It is still an interview and you want to be respectful by not showing up in jeans and a t-shirt. If the store is popular its casual wear, try finding a button-down or a pretty blouse. Pair either blouse with slim-fitted dress pants and closed-toe heels. It is probably best to stay away from jeans, as they are the symbol of casual dress. However, if the store is very popular for denim, it may not hurt to wear dark wash or black skinny jeans with the nice top and heels or boots.

When thinking about what to wear, think about what the store sells. Look at the website to get an idea of who they sell to and to find examples of how to piece together their garments.

Also, try searching on the Internet for advice from people who have interviewed with the store you are going for. There are plenty of websites where insiders will tell you what type of style a store is looking for in potential new workers.

It also helps to go into the store and see how the current employees dress. At many retail stores, the workers have to wear garments from the store. Seeing how they style their own clothes will give you an idea of what the store is looking for.

Some say it is helpful if you actually wear a garment from that company. However, do not go overboard and wear one brand head-to-toe. You want to show the employer what you can bring to the company; so showing that you can incorporate a store’s garments into your personal style can be beneficial.

So, whether you are making a career out of fashion or you are just looking for a part-time job at American Eagle, how you dress for the interview can help or hinder you. Find a way to be professional, but go further than a basic black suit. Think about the type of style the store promotes and let that be your inspiration to your look. Now go rock that interview.

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