Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sheer Green.

 Part of college life, unfortunately, is early classes. This is actually more dressed up than I usually go for my 9am class, so I'm pretty proud of it. If you can't tell by my forced smile and awkward poses, I was freezing. Oops. Sheer material is no joke.

I rarely wear jeans and I never wear colored ones, so today was definitely a rare sight. The jeans came from Forever 21. My knee-high boots came from a boutique in town called Ellie Crimson.

I am absolutely in love with Jessica Simpson's purses and shoes. This bag was one of my Christmas gifts and is perfect for carrying around my laptop, camera and school work. You can find a black, green or blue version of this bag here.

This is one of my absolute favorite tops. It's from Vera Wang's Princess brand at Kohl's (which is very affordable). The details on the sheer sleeves are adorable and I love how it makes my skin look. 

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