Thursday, August 1, 2013

Back to School: Recycling Clothes

As long as I’m in school, I will always get excited about back-to-school shopping. There is just something about having new, fresh clothes to choose from for the first few days of classes that gives me an energetic and restless feeling.

For those who have spent many years attending private school and being restricted by uniforms, going to college brings a new excitement of finally choosing what to wear to class. But don’t throw out those uniforms just yet. Each piece can still be used in your new college wardrobe.

We have all been told countless times by our magazines and mothers that buying an entirely new wardrobe for a new school year costs way too much money and we should just update what is in our closets. Though this may be hard for those of us who are used to wearing the same uniform everyday, my friend here proves it can be done.
She uses her old high school uniform skirt to show her take on the midi skirt trend. To save even more money on new clothes, she pairs the skirt with a Faded Glory shirt, taken from her mother’s closet. Her outfit is both classy and flirty. To add a fun touch to the look, she added an owl necklace and took a scarf from Sonoma and wore it as a belt, cinching her waist. She finishes the look with short wedges, which make her legs look long and yet are still comfy for walking around campus.

Of course, not all of us have an old private school girl skirt hanging in our closets. But the midi length skirt is a summer trend that can carry on into the first months of school and can be found in many stores. For the hotter days, pair the skirt with a plain crop top and add a fun necklace like the one my friend is wearing.

When back to school shopping, keep in mind of what you already have that you still love. Before purchasing an item, think about what you already have in your closet that can be paired with it (even if it is a seemingly unflattering uniform); and most importantly, have fun getting your closet ready for a new year. Happy shopping.

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