Monday, July 1, 2013

Red, White, Blue is in the Sky

The idea of “theme dressing” for holidays is one that can cause many arguments between fashion lovers. Some say it is tacky. Some say it is fun. However, everyone can agree on one idea: if the holiday’s colors are bright, there is a great chance of creating one big, flashy eyesore.  

The Fourth of July is one of the easiest holidays to make this mistake with. It seems simple: just grab anything red, white, and blue and throw them together.  Easy, right?

Unfortunately, this combination can go horribly wrong if taken too far. There is a very thin line between looking classy and patriotic and looking like the American flag threw up on you.

Of course, the simplest way to celebrate through fashion is to find a shirt with an American flag on it, put on a pair of denim cut-offs and go. American flag shirts are sold almost anywhere you find clothes; Target, the thrift store, any store in the mall. You will have no problem finding the shirt you need.

But if you want your outfit to be a little more of a challenge, there are many different ways to go. Whether you need an outfit for a dressier event, like a date or party or you just need something to wear to eat barbecue and shoot off fireworks in the backyard, the key is the same: proportioning the colors correctly.

Red and blue are two very loud colors, so using too much of both can cause a big mess. Though I love color, I believe in the saying “less is more”. So, for me, the best idea is to use white to your advantage. Mix it with one of the other colors and use the last color for subtle accessories. Whether casual or a little dressier, the rule of white is one that I will be living by when picking my outfit for July 4th.

One of the summer’s biggest trends is the American flag denim shorts.  This trend has exploded recently in light of the upcoming holiday. These shorts can be found everywhere, such as Target, Charlotte Russe and Forever21. Pairing a high-waist pair of these shorts with a simple plain white crop top gives you a casual, yet patriotic look.  I personally love neutral colored shoes, so I would wear brown strappy sandals. Add blue or red earrings for a little more pop and you are good to go.

If you do not want to be restricted by the three colors of the American flag, black is another color that can be used to stay subtle. Mixing a flowy plain black tank top with American Flag shorts and blue and red accessories also makes for a cute, casual outfit. If you want a little more color, a pair of red or blue converses are a fun addition.
If you prefer to look a little sassier, try a flowy red high-low skirt. Wear it with a strapless white top tucked in and add a black belt around the waist. Simple black sandals are a smart choice for shoes. Blue earrings or a necklace will work to keep with the theme.

My favorite idea for a dressier outfit is a white sundress with blue accessories. Try a strapless sundress with a chunky blue necklace and bracelet paired with neutral colored wedges or gladiator sandals. For a pop of red, be bold and try a bright red lipstick. It will give you a vintage American royalty look.   

So pick your outfit and have fun celebrating America’s birthday. Eat well, enjoy company, watch the fireworks, and if do choose to wear white, be careful around the barbecue sauce. 

I'm Your National Anthem

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